Homemade Lip Balm

Homemade Lip Balm

I just had to share this recipe for homemade lip balm. I just made it for the first time and it was super easy to make. I love how this feels on my lips. Now I know how easy it is to make my own lip balm, I’ll never buy it again!


The Harmful Effects of Air Freshners

At some point, I’m certain everyone one has used an air freshener in their homes. Did you stop to think what was in those products that you and your family are breathing in?

The following image outlines some of the toxic and harmful ingredients in many common air fresheners that are sold in North America.

What are you breathing?? Consider ARBONNE Awaken & Unwind Mists, BOTANICALS & FREE of HARMFUL INGREDIENTS

If you are interested in a safer alternative, be sure to check out Arbonne’s Aromassentails Awaken Rejuvenating Body Mist and Unwind Rejuvenating Body Mist

The Benefits of Pea Protein

Have you heard of Pea Protein before? Many people haven’t, but it is gaining in popularity. If you haven’t heard of it before, check out this video of Dr. Oz talking about it:

Pea Protein can help curb your cravings. But how does it do this you ask? It is high in protein and your body slowly digests it. It also triggers a hormone in your body that tells you that you are full. While you will need to eat other food it will help curb the cravings because you are fuller for longer. He also explains that many people are sensitive to other sources in protein shakes like whey and soy. A lot of people have sensitivities to these products which cause their digestive tracts to become inflamed which manifests itself in various ways like digestive upset, bloating, etc. Pea Protein is easier to digest and is less likely to cause any digestive upset.

Arbonne’s Protein Shake’s contain Pea, Cranberry and Rice protein, which are extracted in a way that provide higher concentration of protein in the final product. Many prefer these plant proteins versus animal proteins, which go through an industrial process called hydrolization. Hydrolization involves various chemicals, which many of us are trying to eliminate from our diets.

I can attest to the amazing benefits of Pea Protein. I started making a protein shake for breakfast each morning and drinking it during my 1 hour drive to work. In the past I always craved sugar in the morning which resulted in me making a daily Tim Horton’s stop for one of their sugary drinks and a muffin. Since adding a protein shake to my morning routine, those cravings are gone! I’m done my shake by 6:00am and I’m full until approximately 10:00am, which is when I reach for a piece of fruit to tide me over until lunch time.

So I’m winning on numerous fronts! I’m redirecting my spending on breakfast at Tim Horton’s every morning into Arbonne products each morning and I’m eating a healthier breakfast which is filled with 22 essential vitamins and minerals. I have more energy in the morning and find myself far more productive at work.

Ask me how you can get your own Arbonne Protein Shake powder. You really need to try it to believe it!


Chemicals Banned in Cosmetics & Skincare Products


Do you know what chemicals are in the cosmetics and skincare products you are using? I’m not going to get into specific details in this post today, but the types of chemicals and ingredients used are directly influenced by the country of origin.

In Europe, they have the European Union, which strictly regulates chemicals that can be used in everyday products. In the USA, we are told that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exists for this same purpose.

Did you know that the European Union has banned over 1100 chemicals in cosmetics, while the FDA has only banned 10? Did you know that in the European Union chemicals must be proven to be safe before they’ll be approved for use in cosmetics, while you must prove that a chemical is harmful before the FDA will ban it.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather purchase products formulated in Europe.

Do you need help finding safer alternatives for your family? Arbonne’s products are pure, safe and beneficial and are formulated in Switzerland following the European Union standards. Check out our products here: